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Host Tips & Goodies

Tips for 

Happy Hosting

   Make a Wish List Flip through the catalog and
   write down everything you want.

   Determine Your Mixer Goal Once you know the
   retail value of everything you want, your
   Consultant can help you set a Mixer goal to
   maximize your Host Rewards so you get the
   most FREE product possible!

   Invite Everyone You Know A well-attended Mixer is more fun! Remember that the more attendance you have, the more likely you are to get your wish list for FREE! Don't leave anyone out—even if they can't attend in person, they can place orders with you ahead of time or online.

Plan Your Type of Mixer Mixers don't have to be fancy or complicated. All you need are the basics: a few light refreshments and a table for your Consultant to display products. Then just relax and enjoy the time with your guests!